The Rethinking Society at The University of Exeter hosts weekly circle discussions to discuss and “Rethink” a broad topic, such as “Freedom”, “Equality”, “Money”, or “Rationality”. Our circle sessions hope to be a collaborative space for intellectual exchange. We also host regular socials to give its members a chance to get to know one another, discuss topics further and have fun. You are welcome to come along to some of our sessions without a membership to see if you would like to join.

We meet every Thursday at 6:30pm. Our sessions are held in forum seminar rooms 3,4 and 5.


Come to this week’s event and find us on facebook to keep up to date with what’s going on with the society.

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Since its founding three year ago by Marc, Omer and Fin (find out more about them here) the society has grown exponentially. From hosting circle sessions of fewer than 10 people in 2016, the society now has to use three seminar rooms to host large groups of members who attend our weekly sessions.

Rethinking is coming together in a group placing all our other social identities aside and for the hour session and as rethinkers deconstruct concepts in a safe space, where you can speak your mind, in an environment where all views are respected. Also it’s meeting new people through having shared ideas in which you would have not met otherwise.
— A member of Rethinking


At the end of the 2018 we welcomed a brand new committee!

  • President: Ann Zaheer

  • General Secretary: Giselle Viga

  • Chair: Benjamin Morris

  • Chair: Mariam Hasan

  • Social Secretary: Arpi Saruhanyan

  • Editorial Officer: Bex Appleton

  • Publicity Officer: Valeria Ramos

As the society has grown, its character has changed. But the new committee of the society remains committed as ever to preserving the founding values and objectives, whilst striving to expand to include more people and thus further diversity the range of views supplied by our membership.


Discussion Schedule:

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The 2018-2019 Yearbook