Our Partners

Finley Morris


Head of Communications

As our Head of Comms, Finley’s role is to develop the Institute of Rethinking’s communications strategy, and to promote and build our profile within the business, political and academic spheres. Finley is an Account Executive at a Public Affairs Agency in London. His areas of speciality are in British Public Policy and in Behavioural Public  Administration.


Marc Le Chevallier


Head of Policy 

As Head of Policy, Marc leads on our publications, reports and our areas of policy focus. Marc’s areas of expertise are in the studies of political philosophy and nationalism (Ask him anything about Jacques Derrida!). At present, he lends most of his time to an internship at the Thomas More Institute, a think-tank in Paris, focusing on French public policy and domestic politics.


Omer Selcuk


Head of Strategy 

Omer leads in the planning and execution of growth and consolidation strategy for Rethinking. Having read Philosophy, Politics and Economics in Exeter, he now works in the Saas industry. His specialisation is in contemporary capitalist critique, especially in the phenomena of reification and the changing world of work.


rebecca appleton

Head of Design & editorial

 As our head of Design, Rebecca oversees the website and the design of our publications.

Rebecca is reading Anthropology at the University of Exeter. Her particular area of interest lies in the field of Visual Anthropology - the production of visual work informed by anthropology.


Tara Klein

Head of “Rethinking in Schools”

Tara directs the Institute’s education-orientated arm, developing bespoke workshops for delivery in sixth form colleges and schools in the South West of England. Tara read Liberal Arts at Exeter, specialising in the International Relations of China. She now resides in Bristol, working on various projects  within a collective of multimedia artists.